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25 Practical Wedding Favors You Can Totally Make Yourself

25 Practical Wedding Favors You Can Totally Make Yourself

Chocolate milk and cookies favors

They’re Chic, DIY and Oh So Easy

Practical wedding favors rank high on the list for wedding couples as they are getting wiser and wiser about priorities when planning their weddings! Today, we’re sharing 25 practical, sustainable, and most of all, beautiful favors that you can totally make yourself (and by that I mean assign your beau too). Our roundup includes mouthwatering, essential, and green wedding favors that I myself would love to keep (and eat). Let’s dive in!

practical wedding favors
Cacti in Mini Terracotta Pots

photo mylifestylememoir via glitterguide

practical wedding favor ideas

Mini Cocktails
Photo by Christa Taylor from this Hawaii beach wedding inspiration

practical wedding favors

Gourmet Popcorn
photo Brooke Aliceon, see also this oldie but goodie caramel popcorn recipe

practical wedding favors
2. Sun hats, yes please and thank you.
Photo by Adriana Morais – Fotografia from this two-day destination wedding in Portugal

Ice Cream Cone Seedlings
ice cream seedling favors
Want an eco-friendly favor DIY that’s a quick project? These DIY ice cream cone seedlings will do the trick and rank high in the adorable category.

homemade jam
Is there a more practical wedding favor than edible items? I don’t so! Homemade Jam
Photo by The Lockharts from this romantic lace wedding inspiration

little bottles of Amaretto
5. Tiny little bottles of Amaretto, with a small paper note and a short pencil attached for guests to write their favorite memory of them during the ceremony
Photo by Damien Milan from this urban Belgian wedding

DIY ornament wedding favors
Chic ornaments that look good year round
Project by Paper ‘n Stitch

practical wedding favors
6. Potted herbs
Photo by Rebecca Hollis Photography from this potted herb DIY

practical wedding favors
7. Whiskey
Photo by Amber Gress from this debonair Brooklyn wedding

practical wedding favors
8. Flower Seeds
Photo by White Kite Studio from this modern boho inspiration

practical wedding favors
9. Herb infused salt with edible gold
Photo by Sarah McAffry from this luxe winter shoot

25 Chic DIY Wedding Favors Guests Will Love #weddingfavors #diyweddingfavors #ediblefavors
10. Late snack to take home
Photo by Cambria Grace Photography from this winter bridal shower

practical wedding favors
Handmade soap
Photo by Love is a Big Deal from this rock quarry wedding inspiration

practical wedding favors
Sriracha sauce
Photo by Onelove Photography from this Ace Hotel wedding

practical agave honey wedding favors
Agave Honey
Photo by You Are My True from this Texas mountain wedding originally from this DIY with free printables

olive oil
Olive oil
Photo by Hello Love Photography from this Italian garden inspiration

Chocolate milk and cookies favors
Milk and Cookies
Photo Julia Franzosa

practical wedding favors
Limoncello wedding favors
Photo by Ali & Paul Co from this Tuscan inspired Terrain wedding

practical wedding favors

Clay Floral Frogs
These DIY floral frogs are super fun to make if your guests are floral fanatics; if not, create small trinket bowls using the same instructions!

limoncello and olive oil
Olive oil and limoncello
Photo by M&J Photography from this English garden wedding

Name-stamped Frosted Cookies
Name-stamped Frosted Cookies
Photo by Closer to Love

Mini Champagne bottles
Mini Champagne bottles
Via Stephanie White Travels

Homemade lemonade
Homemade lemonade
Photo Ryan Flynn from this vineyard wedding

Spice Rub
Spice Rub
Via Something Turquoise

practical wedding favors Hot Choco Sticks
Hot chocolate sticks
Recipe and full DIY here

practical wedding favors mini flower bouquets
Mini flower bouquets
Via Homey Oh My

We’re pretty sure there are a lot more practical wedding favors out there but hopefully, you found this roundup helpful. and be sure to check out more on our Pinterest.

This is an updated version of our 25 chic wedding favors guests will love.


In sum, here are the top 5 categories of practical wedding favors to remember when searching for the perfect sendoff for your guests:

  1. edible favors: flavored popcorn, chocolate, handmade jam, truffles, cupcakes, pizza slice (yes! that midnight snack is always a crowd pleaser) are just some of practical edible favors you can choose
  2. drinks! water bottles, limoncello, mini champagne bottles, small bottles of tequila, tea, coffee, wine etc
  3. cooking spices and oils: olive oils, spice rubs, and herbs
  4. plants! mini potted plants are always a favorite among guests. Succulents and other small, easy to care plants are our go-tos
  5. something for the ride home or back to hotel room: flipflops, eye masks, hangover kits etc
  6. destination-related goodies: travel tote bags, custom sun hats, hand sanitizer, sunblock, sunglasses and other destination-specific related items that guests can use during their stay
  7. masks!
  8. anything that can easily be recycled, so packaging is so important. We reccomend sticking with glass, paper and other materials that are easy to recycle to reduce your wedding carbon footprint
  9. soaps, lotions and other skin care products: hand lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer like mentioned above, sunscreen are items everyone can always use
  10. don’t want to give anything? you don’t have to! wedding favors are a nice to have, but guests don’t always expect them.

If you want to treat your guests regardless, we have a massive library of DIY projects of wedding favors that you can tackle in an afternoon! Jump here for more wedding favor ideas that are practical and your guests will love, and are under budget to boot!

With so many options to choose from, start with your venue and location and see what is meaningful to you and that relates to where you’re getting married. Remember, you don’t have to have a lot of customization if the favors are easily relatable to where you’re getting married! In the end, go with what feels right to you and your soon to be spouse.

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