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6 Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas You Can Mail With M&M’s

6 Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas You Can Mail With M&M’s

Mms Valentines Ruffled

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s no secret we love this season like XO. Colorful candies, secret love letters, champagne for breakfast… what’s not to adore? It may or may not have been an impromptu sugar rush that led us to dream up these 6 sweets-filled Valentine’s Day treats, and my goodness are we glad we had the cravings for chocolate when we did. We’re partnered with leading chocolatiers at M&M’S to create personalized treats you can mail just in time for Valentine’s Day.

These paper goods we created with Holly from Paper Refinery are filled with ready-to-steal ideas for your next bridal or baby shower too! Thank you Taylor Dawn Design for your magic touch and Danielle Hulsey Photography for taking these images!

After our last adventure down DIY wedding favor lane, we knew M&M’S would be a rewarding choice yet again. Not only for the versatility of these chocolates, but the size, affordability and universal affection of this brand in particular. Of course, it’s a great bonus that M&M’S gives you the opportunity to personalize bags of candies in bulk with colors, clipart, words and even photos of your choosing too. This X-factor alone allows you to take your party treats to the next level in a way no one will expect. 

Be sure to order by 2/9 to arrive on time for Valentine’s Day

Let’s get to the good stuff, toot sweet, shall we? 

1. Sewn Paper Hearts

We’re pretty sweet on crafts that don’t require work… and these paper hearts are as intuitive as it gets! With clever fortunes or sweet nothings tucked inside along with a scoop of pastel M&M’S, this semi-sheer “take home treat” is the definition of darling. All you need is a little bit of vinyl, some personalized M&M’S and a basic stitch kit and voilà!

Mms Valentines Ruffled

What we used:

Use the Design Your Own M&M’S tool to customize everything from colors to wording to illustrations. We tend to get carried away here because you can select multiple colors for bulk bags of candy AND upload your own photo if you’d like!

Medium-weight vellum paper sewn in a heart shape – you can even lightly draw a heart shape on the paper to follow a template to sew, then trim with scissors. Don’t have a sewing machine? Then you can just fold the vellum heart into an envelope!

To mail this treat: we recommend placing these paper hearts in a larger envelope and asking at the post office for “non-machinable” mail.

2. Tutti Frutti Valentine’s Cards

Mms Valentines Ruffled

Orange you glad you stumbled upon these citrus Valentine card templates with all the fruit puns you never knew you needed? Paper Refinery is sharing the templates so you can download for free and print for personal use!

What we used:

We purchased bulk bags and customized the lentils by using fruit icons that you can download for free here. Then we fill them in mini glassine bags that were attached to Valentine’s Day cards with double-sided tape. The materials are simple: 4×6′ Euro flap envelopes in mixed colors, a mini heart hole punch and mini glassine envelopes for a sprinkle of monochromatic M&M’S. Seal the goody bags with a matching heart sticker, and you’ve got yourself the multi-dimensional Valentine’s favors your guests won’t soon forget!

Download the free printables here

To mail this treat: this envelope can be mailed with just additional postage since it weighs a bit more than a regular letter, just bring to the post office so they can weigh it for you.

3. Cellophane Treat Pouches

A little iridescence never hurt nobody! In fact, it’s grabbing our attention in all the right ways. I know we’re not supposed to judge books by their covers, but this treat bag eye candy is the perfect reflection of its real candy contents. An XO card stock backer and cool toned M&M’S are sealed off with a dusty rose velvet bow, bringing texture to play in major ways. Spice up your candy contents with fun phrases like “Love Your Sparkle” for an extra magical touch!

Paper Refinery is sharing the templates so you can download these cards for free for personal use!

Mms Valentines Ruffled

What we used:

These envelopes were inspired by this Christmas frame idea, but we used opalescent cellophane (which is a food-safe material) and M&M’S as the “confetti” embellishing these Valentine’s Day cards that were sewn in with a velvet ribbon to top it off! We customized our M&M’S using light blue, light purple and cream. We love this idea to also mail birth announcements or save or (change) the date cards!

Download free printable here

To mail this treat: this sealed treat pouch may be able to mail as is depending on how much candy you fill the pouches. If you’re going for a fuller pouch, we recommend mailing these in insulated bubble mailers (here’s some I found) and using a thicker backer for the cards for added support.

4. Piñata Hearts

These petite heart-shaped piñatas are almost too pretty to punch! But I suppose in this case, the means justify the ends… citrus colored M&M’S with fruity motifs. We love the idea of displaying these piñatas amidst punny signage like “Berry Cute”, “My Main Squeeze” or “It Takes Two To Mango” (or adding tags to the papier mache heart boxes like we did below).

Mms Valentines Ruffled

What we used:

These mini heart boxes were lovingly covered with tissue paper fringe. You can find mini paper heart boxes at craft stores or online (similar) along with tissue paper colors of your choice.

To mail this treat: if sealed properly with tape and if it’s mailed at this time of the year to and from a cold climate address, you can mail small odd shape boxes with proper postage. When in doubt, you can add a ice pack and mail this treat in a small package.

5. Mini Date Night Mailboxes

Of course, not all Valentine’s favors need be reserved for the masses. Take a cue from Carl + Ellie and do a little something special for your sweetheart this year. Our solution? These mini date night mailboxes wrapped with a romantic pattern. Not only are they lovely to look at, they can contain everything from sentimental love letters to individually wrapped M&M’S with different date night ideas so you can let fate decide how you’ll celebrate this V-day!

Mms Valentines Ruffled

What we used:

Mini mailboxes (similar) got a sophisticated upgrade with a floral paper band wrapped around it. Use pre-packaged candy to mail this pretty such as these mini M&M’s bags along with a personal card. For the floral band, you can even use gift wrap in a pattern you love.

To mail this treat: we recommend adding an extra small cold pack in each mailbox before taking the package to the post office. Seal the mailbox opening with shipping tape and that’s it! You can mail the mini box as is – and even print the mailing address on that pretty floral gift wrap!

Remember you must order by 2/9 to arrive on time for Valentine’s Day, so we recommend ordering sooner to give you enough time to mail your treats!

6. Say it with Chocolate

Mms Valentines Ruffled

Chocolate is pretty much interchangeable with Valentine’s Day cards, so why not literally say it with chocolate? These treat bags are equally yummy to look at as they are to open and eat them!

What we used:

These polka-dot self adhesive bags and colorful baker’s twine to match the customized M&M’S make what’s inside pop! These treat packages look custom without having to be crafty. Simply customize the M&M’S directly on their site (you can even upload photos) and fill the bags with your custom mix.

To mail this treat: these super-loaded treat bags are best in an insulated bubble mailer with a cold pack.

M&M’S is pretty much the mother-load for party favors. Candy? Check. Personalization? Check. Packaging? Check. We love that they can cater to your exact needs too. You’re not stuck buying bulk bags of candy in individual colors… you can totally mix! And you’re not left to fend for yourself when it comes to sourcing the perfect Clipart for your M&M’S… they have a whole library you can choose from! It’s so nice to have a go-to resource where the possibilities are truly endless. And in today’s case, whether you’re feeling the fruity color pops or mystical mermaid mood, these unique M&M’S favor ideas are a home run for any Valentine’s or bridal shower theme.

*Be sure to order by 2/9 to arrive on time for Valentine’s Day*

Shop their bulk bag candy options here and start customizing to your Valentine’s theme today!

Vendor Team:
Photography: Danielle Hulsey Photography
Styling: Taylor Dawn Design
Packaging and paper goods design: Paper Refinery
Concept: Ruffled

This post was sponsored by M&M’S. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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