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Don’t Think You Need A Wedding Website? Read This.

Don’t Think You Need A Wedding Website? Read This.

Minted Wedding Websites

Do I even need a wedding website?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by wedding websites. Don’t worry, this is a safe space! We’ve all seen wedding websites that have missed the mark. Maybe you were struck by the 400 images on the front page or spent ages searching for the details that mattered for you as a guest. If you’ve been burned before, we get it. It can be tough to see how a wedding website may even be necessary at all. Your guests will still get invitations, your registries will still be accessible online and your VIPs can still get their shout-outs in the program and/or Grand Entrance. No harm, no foul. Right? Welllll, we believe that skipping a wedding website might actually be a big mistake. In the immortal words of Julia Roberts…. huge. And today, we’re joined by household name Minted to talk about the 5 major ways a quality wedding website can serve you.

Minted Wedding Websites

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? The reason wedding websites exist in the first place is to make your life easier! And done well, they can literally save you hundreds of hours hunched over spreadsheets and RSVP cards, building phone trees and collecting up-to-date contact info for all of your guests one by one, etc. How so?

Easy Address Collection

One of the first mega-stressors couples often face is the collection of their guest addresses. But you can say sayonara to the suffering through this never-ending time suck with a magical tool called digital address collection. (I hope you heard angels sing in the background just now, because I totally did).

Not gonna lie, Minted rolling out this feature their free wedding websites might just be the best thing since TikTok glowing up during quarantine. Streamlining this planning task, literally once and for all, by simply clicking a button does not happen in the real world, you guys. But who are we to question the wonderful sorcerers at Minted advocating for couples in their moment of need? We’ve seen this magic work time + time again and are bamboozled every time. So while you sit back and wait for the details to come to you, grab a marg poolside with your SO and bask in the glory of the wedding planning energy everyone dreams of.

Minted Wedding Websites

Graphic Design That’s On Brand

When you’re on a roll, it’s silly to stop! Especially when the path you’re on is smooth and beautiful. I’m talking about end-to-end graphic design – a cohesive style that reflects you + your celebration from the website and invites to the day-of essentials and post-wedding thank you’s. We encourage you to take a stroll down Style Lane to see what we mean.

Minted’s unique ability to offer 1400+ design templates is the result of a vast and dynamic network of independent artists at the top of their field. The good news for you is that no matter your color palette, typography preference or general style loves, you have a bottomless treasure chest of options to choose from. As if that isn’t enough, you can still customize to your heart’s content!

When your wedding website is aligned with your paper goods (before, during and after your wedding), your guests get a cohesive first impression that’s congruent with who you are and what they can expect at the celebration. Ultimately, this sets both of you up for a party like no other!

Do I Need A Wedding Website Me Minted

Flexibility For When Things Evolve 

I’m sure if you hear the word pivot one more time, you’re going to scream. Unless it’s coming from Ross on the Friends reunion, and for that we are wholeheartedly with you. So instead we’ll just talk about what happens when we sometimes have to “ride the wave”. When things evolve due to unforeseen circumstances like roadwork or construction, unfriendly weather and yeah, a pandemic, it’s good to be able to communicate important updates to your guests in a way that’s streamlined, easy and efficient. Not all wedding websites allow you to contact your entire guest list in one fell swoop, but Minted does! And in this day and age, this kind of safety net feels a bit akin to heaven.

Minted Wedding Websites

Positive Global Impact

Of course, sustainability is an enormous benefit of sharing information digitally. More and more couples are sticking to the basics when it comes to the tangible pieces included in the invitation suites physically mailed to their guests, elaborating on recommendations for the destination, details about room blocks and full transportation schedules on their wedding website instead. Simply including a line on your Save-the-Date and/or Invitation Details card encouraging guests to visit your wedding website can be enough, which is wonderful news for both budget-savvy and eco-friendly couples!

For a comprehensive breakdown of the most useful details to include in your wedding website, bookmark this page!

Speedy RSVP Tracking

Here’s what we love about physical RSVP cards: The sense of giddiness you get from seeing them trickle in your mailbox, the sense of tradition and formality they bring, the sense of connection they give you with your guests… 

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Here’s what we don’t love about physical RSVP cards: Younger guests often forget to send them. Well-intentioned, but uninformed guests might write extra names in. The post office may send them to wrong address, lose them in transit or cause significant delays when you need these time sensitive details stat…

The good news is, more and more couples are embracing digital RSVPs that save both you and your guests from these potential downfalls and more. Not only can you track down those guests who haven’t RSVP’d  by the deadline more easily and accurately, you can collect important details like their meal selections, what hotel they’re staying in and even which shuttle trip they want to reserve in one fell swoop. Minted actually plugs these details into their online address book so you don’t have to manually enter the responses one by one over the course of a few weeks. Huzzah!

Minted Wedding Websites

Bottom Line

When it comes to wedding websites worth their weight in gold, Minted is the source. Not only can your website have a stunning aesthetic tailored to your specific style, it can streamline some of the most challenging tasks on your wedding planning to-do list.

Minted Wedding Websites

Additional perks are offered with premium website upgrades – a custom URL, password protection, custom pages to name a few. And you can even go all out with a fully customized website, working 1:1 with a designer who will create original artwork for you if you consider yourself a mega design-savvy bride or groom-to-be. That being said, they have over 1400+ wedding website designs that are totally free. So what are you waiting for? Explore this game changer for yourself now!

This post was sponsored by Minted. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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