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Best Wedding Invitations With Matching Websites from Minted

Best Wedding Invitations With Matching Websites from Minted


What can we say, wedding invitations with matching websites are peak aesthetic. And when it comes to value, ease and variety, Minted is hailed as THE go-to source. No matter your style, destination, guest count or level of formality, this collective of independent designers is a couple’s next best friend to late night bites at the Menu Tasting.

There’s a lot to be said about graphic design elements that are consistent at every guest touchpoint. Cohesiveness in this one area can truly make a lasting impact that not only builds hype for your guests about what to expect (or not!) as the wedding day approaches, but also long after as the party as they remember those small, but meaningful details. Because we can’t help sharing our favorite things, today we’re giving you the inside scoop on our favorite wedding invitations with matching websites from Minted.

(Fair warning: Julie Andrews and I have a very different definition of few. But I promise, it’s because we’ve got your back!)

Minted Wedding Invites Matching Wedding Websites
Photo by Sposto Photography

The Lowdown

Choice is a beautiful thing… ask any past Bachelor or Bachelorette! But we’re guessing amdist the hubbub of engagement showers, venue scouting and every wedding planning task in between, you’re a little more than strapped for time. And with over 1400+ design collections to choose from, you might find yourself wondering if it’s too much of a good thing. Don’t worry. Minted is wayyyyy ahead of us all… making like a magic genie and anticipating our every need! Through easy search filters, you can narrow down the best possible options for your specific style, season, color, printing type and so on. So if you’d rather spend your weekend getting mimosas with your girls, or heck, bingeing the 8th season of The Masked Singer, you can do so guilt-free knowing the graphic design direction is signed, sealed and delivered. Translation? It’s yours. 

Minted Wedding Invites Matching Wedding Websites

Modern Bohemian Wedding Invitations

Who It’s For: The couple that values cool, laidback vibes, abstract shapes + patterns and intentional lines

These 9 invitation suites are equal parts fun, bold and unconventional. Some give off a sense of modern Matisse couples have been gaga for this year, while others take a less is more approach, as they mix scale and placement. 

Elegant Botanical Wedding Invitations

Who It’s For: Lovers of floral prints, whimsical romance and a perfect in-between of classic and trendy

With floral, leaf and branch prints sweeping across the borders in varying degrees of depth, these botanical invitation suites would be well-suited for a garden wedding where you’d rather have a more Princess Mia of Genovia tea party vibe than one hosted by Queen Elizabeth II, if you know what I mean.

Simple, Minimalist Wedding Invitations

Who It’s For: The couple that says “no frills, no problem!”

These clean, sleek and thoughtfully designed wedding invitations live and breathe the motto less is more. With an abundance of negative space, these designs psychologically promote a sense of calm, purposed anticipation, and we love the way the details themselves take center stage.

Artistic & Painterly Wedding Invitations

Who It’s For: Hopeless romantics and right-brained creatives who dream in vivid colors, adore both symbolism and the abstract and have expressive spirits

The art-forward invitations we pulled are begging to be used in weddings where color blocks, brushstrokes and hand-painted illustrations play central themes in the overarching designs of the day. We wouldn’t mind seeing these for weddings in unique venues like art galleries, museums, rooftops and even lofts!

Bold, Outdoorsy Wedding Invitations

Who It’s For: Adventurous couples celebrating in the great outdoors, who want to pay homage to the beauty of nature at every turn

We can’t help but get a sense of Wes Anderson circa Moonrise Kingdom in many of these designs. Seriously… take us there! With a devil-may-care, adventurous elopement, camper van, forest life spirit, these illustrative designs celebrate a variety of terrains every outdoorsy couple can resonate with.

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Formal Classic Wedding Invitations

Who It’s For: Those with a penchant for timeless, understated elegance and age-old traditions

These classic styles are beloved for a reason! With a level of formality to match the occasion, it doesn’t mean they have to be stuffy. These 9 suites are proof that grace, polish and sophistication will never go out of style.

One of the best things about these matches made in heaven is the fact that they aren’t mirror images of one another. They speak to the same style without feeling too repetitive, so that overall, the guest touchpoint feel like more of a continuation than an overkill… We all remember when Lizzie McGuire got called an outfit repeater 😉

Minted Wedding Invites Matching Wedding Websites

As far as the invitation design process goes, Minted is giving out perks like Oprah:

  • A dedicated designer from their team who will guide you through unlimited rounds of customization
  • Truly luxurious printing techniques and materials… between letterpress, foil printing (in 9 colors, no less!), gloss press and impeccably thick card stock, the gang’s all here!
  • The opportunity to sample before you sign the dotted line, plus a free sample kit in general that you can snag here!
  • Unique formats at your disposal, whatever your budget. This includes your save-the-dates produced as magnets, postcards, with vellum overlays, etc.
  • Custom envelopes that are 100% free with, wait for it…. free guest addressing too!
Minted Wedding Invites Matching Wedding Websites
Photo by Sposto Photography

I know your itching to browse the full invitation suite and wedding website line-up, so while I could go on, I think I’ll just leave you to it. There’s no place like Minted to spoil you for choice when it comes to these paper + digital heirlooms, and we cannot wait to hear which ones you’re loving right now too!

This post was sponsored by Minted. All our opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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