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10 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Homebody Bride

10 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Homebody Bride

Bachelloretteparty Homebody

Contrary to popular belief, a bachelorette party doesn’t have to be tacky. Nor it has to be expensive or involve traveling somewhere exotic (though that sounds nice but $$$). Having a fun get-together with all the bridesmaids + bride doesn’t have to be costly NOR it has to be cliché. If your bride isn’t the Vegas-casino nor the strip club type, chances are she will love to be surprised with any of these ideas below, and your bridal squad will thank you as well:

Bachelloretteparty Homebody

Let’s get started!

1. Cocktail Making Class

cocktail bar decorated with draping greenery
Photo by Elsa Campbell Photography, florals by Secret Blossom Melbourne, venue Campbell Point House, champagne provided by Moët & Chandon, signage by Sketch & Etch Creative and bar by Dann Event Hire

2. Going on a Staycation

Venice canal kayak ride
Photo via Show Me Your Mumu

Play tourist for a day, go gondola or horse carriage riding, hop on a tour bus or spend the day tackling all the touristy things you’ve never done before. Bonus points for matching tourist t-shirts!

3. Have an Epicurean Feast with Dishes Native to Your Honeymoon Destination

Lindsey Marie Photography
Photo by Lindsey Marie Photography

4. Bake Your Heart Out with Fluffy Summer Cakes

raspberry sponge cake
Photo and champagne + raspberry curd sponge cake recipe from Erin Made This

5. Start the Day With a Mimosa Bar

Learn how to make your own mimosa bar with free printables right here.

6. Go Berry Picking

blueberry picking
Photo by Ariele Alasko

7. Have a Picnic on the Beach or State Park

Photo by Ava Moore Photography styled by Willow & Oak Events from this Charleston Wedding Editorial

8. Go to a Flower Arranging Workshop

Bachelorette Party Floral Arrangement
Photo by Pura Soul

9. Winery Weekend

Bachelorettecampfest Styled 25
Photo by Kelsea Holder


10. Book a Spontaneous Weekend Getaway (#PTL for sites like AirBNB!)

Photo by Makenna Devey Photography from this Palm Springs bachelorette party

These ideas are totally unique, and it’s these new + original ways to spend your time that will foster the best memories. And also give you new skills to share with the world for the future! That’s why we’re not sorry that several of these are food related. What can ya do?! So map out some time for these alternative bachelorette parties, because what better way to thank your bridal squad than fun-filled activities dedicated wholly to them?

Photo by Ashley LaPrade Photography from this Palm Springs bachelorette

We hope this helped you find the perfect bachelorette party idea! Follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration, and if you’re looking for more unique ways to celebrate your bridesmaids, we’ve got 35 unique bridal shower ideas right here!

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